Monday, May 28, 2012

Fish Diary

An anglers Journal

Why do many anglers keep a journal or diary?  Let me give you a clue about why I keep a logbook from my fishing adventures and no it’s not to keep stats on my bragging rights. That’s what my Digital Camera and Camcorder is for. 

Most serious and old school anglers have a notebook or journal in one shape or another, where they keep a diary of their catches. More and more probably use apps for this, but I’m old school and yet have to be converted into this. Maybe if I made my own I would be able to get used to this, but I yet have to find one with all the stats I want in my diary in one app. Also I don’t like the risk of losing my diary if I should lose my phone; have to deal with transferring it to a new phone if I were to change it. Maybe coz I’m a bit too old school and I still see my cell phone as a tool to call people, sure texting can be handy as long it’s not conversations people try to keep with me. Maybe coz I suck at texting, takes me forever to type in a message and specially on those new touch screens. It’s very handy that it got a clock and alarm, I have to give it that but the million other features my phone have, I totally ignore and don’t even bother to try and learn – Ignorance is bliss!?

Anyway back on track, writing an old fashion diary got its benefits if I have to say it and I have to. At least it’s my blog so if I’m not gonna say it who else?  I can easy backtrack in my notes, writing everything down also stores it better in my mental memory bank. So often I don’t have to look in my diary, even though I end up doing it anyway just to be sure that I did remember correct. I’m the kind of guy who like to be right, I’m not opinionated or anything like that. I try to stick to facts.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Testing lures from Paradox Customs

A nice May morning

I found a few hours in my weekend to get out fishing ;) only had time for a 2 hour session, so I went out early Saturday morning 7 am and arrived at the lake and started fishing 30 minutes later.
I started with casting out my passive rod with a good old fashion worm on it, getting the 2nd rod ready. Picked a yellow River bug jig from Paradox Customs and a Milo bombarda float, but befor I had my 2nd rod ready I hooked a trout on the worm, only minutes after I cast it out. It was just a tiny small trout so it was not much fun at all, no fight and not really anything worth keeping.

It took me a good 1½ hour before I had any action on the jig, but once I figured out how to work it thru the water and at what depth I started to get strikes.

I got two nice trouts on land in the last 30 min of my fishing session and lost a 3rd, guess I didn’t get the hook set right. All in all it was a great morning, started out with a bit of rain but it cleared up a little later.


 I also got a bit of footage on the camcorder,
hope you will enjoy. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New lures from Paradox Customs

Adding to the collection 

Is there any greater feeling then getting new tackle? Maybe there are a few things but I promised not to fill in sexual content to the blog when I signed up, so let’s just stick to getting new tackle and fishing gear is the greatest feeling ever. At least for me, I always get a nice warm feeling in my whole body and a goofy satisfied looking smile on my face right after ;)

This morning my nice post lady came by dropping of a package (why does package delivery always show up when you are in the shower?) Luckily I was able to wrap a towel around my waist and get out and open the door before she drove off again, as she only do knock once and wait 20 sec before she’s off to the next house. If you can call it lucky to stand in the door dripping wet in the cold wind waiting for her to walk back from her car, while giving me an odd stair. I then realize I’m standing there wrapped in a pink towel with a Disney princess print belonging to my girlfriends daughter.

I dropped off the package on the living room table and hit the shower again, with that goofy look on my face as I kinda knew what would be in the package. On the other hand it looked bigger then I had expected! After I was done rushing the soap out my hair, partly towel dry I was almost ready to open my package of new lures!

Again my package arrived within a week, shipped from USA to Europe just like the first package from Paradox customs. Always very satisfying when shipping time is as low as possible, yes I am a bit like a little kid Christmas morning when it comes to buying fishing tackle. I most of the time buy locally to a much higher price than what I can get it for online, simply because that way I don’t have to wait for it to be shipped to me. But living on an island in small Denmark, it’s not always easy to get what I really want locally either. Especially I can’t buy custom build lures, that are handmade and if I could. I would most likely have to pay 3x the price.

After a speedy breakfast I’m ready to open the package, I rip into the package and what do I see a T-shirt?
WTF I did not order that, I double check the package. It is not for my GF and it’s not from, it was from paradox customs and getting it out of the envelope I see I got a free T-shirt with their company logo – Sweet!

Impatiently I empty the bag out on the table, now let me see my goodies already!

3 packs of River bugs – Check
Purple River bugs 1/8th Oz

Yellow River bugs 1/8th Oz

Pink River bugs 1/8th Oz


  6 packs of Magnum Spinners – Check 
2x Super Duper Spatter

1x Blood Wraith
“Blood Pali” a customized Blood Wraith made to my own specifications and it looks perfect!
Along with a white grubtail, it will make up a very classic pike lure! 

1x “Blood Pali”

2x Black Ebon strike

Thanks to Paradox Customs for the Free T-shirt, lures and customization job they have done. Check their site out; they are also working on a skirt shop and “build your own” supplies, and if you have any special requests just send them an E-mail.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo Contest

Photo Contest

I have entered a photo contest where I can win a week’s fishing vacation for two at lac du Charlou!

Help me win, by rating my picture on the link below! All you have to do is click the link below, enter your e-mail and hand me as many stars you think my picture deserves. 

Thank you to everyone who already have rated, and to all of you who are about to rate my picture!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter weekend

A well spend Easter holiday weekend - by Pali

 48 hours at local water

I had my 14 year old daughter with me on a 48 hour carp session, were we camped out at a small pond 30 minute’ drive from where I live. With the weather forecast said night temps below freezing, so I had packed up well with warm sleeping bags and deer skins to cover my daughter’s bedchairs.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unpredictable spring fishing

The wonderful and unpredictable spring fishing - by Pali

Out fishing again

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I do that a lot and I do it most of the year!

In the middle of March the weather got really nice, as far as I recall it’s been warmer this spring and earlier then usual. Have had several days where a hoodie have been sufficient for most of the day, first at sunset it’s been necessary to put on a jacket. There have been little rain and bad weather at all this spring, it’s been awesome fishing weather pretty much since the ice broke after the winter.

A mate called me up and asked me what I had for plans for the last weekend of March; I checked my calendar and double checked with my girlfriend. You know just to keep the air in the house breathable, as I have been fishing A LOT since the ice broke. On the other hand she knows I will have 3 months from middle of April where I won’t be able to go fishing. And I will defiantly not have any chances for overnight sessions, so she is very understanding. This time was no different, so I called back and we planned an overnight session from Friday to Saturday that was what I had free in my planner.

Everything was packed up, the hold-all with my carp rods, unhooking mat, camp equipment and all my wonderful bait materials from Northern baits; Boilies, pellets, dips and particles. The weather channel was checked and I was ready to head out Friday as soon my Girlfriend got home from work, she was going to use the car for the weekend and drove me to the lake. I unhooked the trailer and home she went, I was met by my mate who already had setup camp and had a cold beer ready when I showed up at the fishing spot. We emptied our alu cans with bubbling golden nectar worthy of gods, in beautiful spring weather. My mate helped me carry all my stuff from the trailer, to the camp and I got in place with my setup. Tent, bedchair, baited my rods up, plus everything else needed to start fishing. Now it was time for another cold one, but first my mate had a bream pick up his Northern baits Krill boilie. So while he reeled in, released the bream and got his tackle out again, I got a fire started and prepared to make fire baked potatoes. As most other things I make over fire/hot ambers, it takes a lot of hours and my fire baked potatoes is no different.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bait**** and their representative Pit Bull

Bait**** & their representative Pit Bull – by Pali

 The world of sports fishing is, a world dominated by men?

Apparently there are a few he-bit**es between them, now I’m not referring to female anglers who I have the deepest respect for. But men with tiny little penises, who properly look more like girls missing an orifice. The internet fishermen who spend more time bit**ing about other angler’s with success, than they spend on fishing and lifting their own level of success in sport’ fishing.

I was warned about their 'kind' when I started to become a sport’s angler, evolving from the regular Put & Take fisher visiting the local stocked trout lake. No offence towards P&T, I still do that too from time to time. I love trout fishing and it’s both easier and cheaper, then joining an angler club to get the rights to fish the local streams.
I soon after I started carp fishing met the first carp anglers who didn’t really want to talk with me, as I was not a member of “his” carp angling community. Here there are two carp angling “communities” and if you’re a member of one of them, the other community members will not talk with you and vice versa. I’m a member of non-of them. But I live in a very small country and I’m used to there is a very limited amount of information available in Danish, the info there is are often locked in private online forums that you will need to pay stupid amounts of money to gain access to. Lucky me I am fairly skilled in English, where I can both read, write and talk English, like so many of the wonderful people on the internet. I really don’t care if I have to read a text in English or Danish, it’s all the same to me and when I rarely come across a word that I don’t know. I have Oxfords Advance Learners English dictionary and internet right at hand, so it’s really not an issue to find all the information I needed about Carp fishing online. I just went outside the Bit**ing world of Danish Carp fishing communities; I soon met Carp anglers from England, France, Canada, Australia and many other nations. Who has been nothing but friendly, and egger to let me learn from them about carp fishing. Along with a few Danish friends, who are experienced carp anglers. Especially the Danish friends have been very helpful, with Danish lakes and ponds that aren’t public listed as carp water.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Against all recommendations

Going against all recommendations
and breaking my personal record

My first carp session of 2012 - by Pali

Finally I was able to get out there for a full weekend Carp session; this was my first overnight fishing trip of 2012. I have had plans to go out for so long, but then the water froze solid, my daughter got sick and so on. The following weekend I had everything packed from the weekend before, had charged up my camera and nothing could stop me. At least that’s what I thought - Thursday morning I cracked a tooth and had to get it pulled Friday morning, so with that start on my weekend I didn’t feel like going anywhere. Tho half my face was still numb you just know, that’s only going to last till the anesthetic wears off and then pain will follow. Not really the best combination for a fishing trip and sleeping outdoors in match, with a bleeding bone deep crater in the jaw. We still have cold nights, some below freezing. Normally that’s not something that would bother me, but let’s face it I’m not Bear Grylls.

My daughter canceled the following weekend, as she had some school things she needed to take care of. So now I was determined to get out there, but where to go? Last year I have been fishing all the local ponds on the island I live on, also visiting a few not so local ponds and lakes. I wanted this to be a great start of 2012, now that I had so much trouble getting started.

A few years ago I moved from the mainland to the Island Fyn, moving in with my wonderful girlfriend. I used to live in a small town called Haderslev, where there are some wonderful areas with great nature. A wonderful forest, a few good size ponds. One near an old water mill, a place I have spent many summer nights, mainly drinking a few around a campfire with good friends. But I have often seen carp fishers around the lake, also I found some information that the carps in the lake where old. (15-20 years or more)
I figured that there would be a fair chance they had grown huge, if not savages with bbq’s have eaten them all or thieving basterds have moved them all to ‘private’ ponds. Why I’m not very specific with lake names and locations, but again if your local or have a bit of insight as an Danish carp angler you will know what lake I’m talking about. (If your a catch and release angler, you can always write me for locations) 

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Carp Addiction

Try it once and Carping can get you hooked for life!– by Pali

As mentioned in my first blog post, I’m an addict angler and one of my poisons is Carp fishing.
First time I heard about carp fishing was from a mate I knew thru a friend’s Chat room, he was always on about all these huge carps he was landing. And yeah yeah it’s all great, everyone know how fishermen like to tell tales and on their way home the fish grow an extra foot and gain a few pounds. I really didn’t know anything about carp fishing, and did not pay much attention to his ½drunk fisherman tales to begin with.

Then one day I’m out fishing for bait in a pond I at the time just recently heard about, I see these 3 guys with a lot of fancy equipment. At least it looked very fancy to me as a regular Joe, who might been fishing for many years but mainly for trout and pike. They are there with some odd tents (bivys) and electronic bait alarms and what not; I’m standing at fair distance fishing for my common roaches that I’m going to use for bait in the following weekend for Pike fishing. I don’t know what to think, besides “isn’t that a bit too much equipment and taking all the fun out of fishing with electronic bait alarms?”

Short after one of their alarms go off and this funny looking little fella come running out of his tent, like a Jack-in-the-box he’s running to his rod. In a speed that’s normally only seen if someone just knocked over a Harley Davidson outside a Biker bar, he reaches his rod and picks it up and set’s the hook. Now it got interesting, it was clearly not a small fish he just hooked.
By the bend on his rod and the scream from his reel, that was not a bad size fish at all. I took a sip of my beer and continued to fish for my puny little roaches, thinking “Ahh they are pike fishing and he had hooked a large Pike, good for them”.
But after good fight he landed something I had to go investigate, I was standing too far away to see what he just caught. But not that far away, that it wasn’t clear to me that, it was defiantly not a pike!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Passion for Fishing

An introduction of an angling addict, powered by passion! - by Pali

This is my first blog entry here; in fact it’s my first blog entry ever. I used to have an online diary on a gardening site, where I would do daily or weekly updates on my passion for indoor and greenhouse gardening. Share pictures and helpful step-by-step information, DIY tutorials on hydroponic grow systems and True Aeroponics. That later led me to write product reviews for an European gardening magazine published in 5 languages, I have traveled as far as to Australia to optimize greenhouses for flower production. But enough about all that, this is a blog about my passion for fishing.

It all started with my granddad taking me fishing a summer when I was a small kid, no more than 6 years old. Fishing in the stream running not far from their house, he showed me how to tie my first knots and how far from the cork we should place the hook n worm. We would sit for many hours that summer fishing, just talking and looking for that cork float to go under. We would eat the lunch my grandmother had prepared us, he would drink a cold beer and I would drink my grandmother’s homemade fruit cordial, and if I was really lucky I would maybe get a soda pop.

I have always loved the outdoors, as a kid I grew up on a small farm where we grew all our veggies, milked our cow and slaughtered our own animals for meat. I didn’t have a lot of fancy toys, no PlayStations and Xbox’s around back then (later I would get a Comodore64). My best friend was my ET bike (BMX bike) and my fishing rod, after watching Steven Spielberg’s Movie ET in the 80’s every real boy wanted a BMX bike. They were common known here as the ET bike. I would ride that for several miles on dirt roads, with a backpack on my back. Packed with my small telescopic rod, a small tackle box, my lunchbox with a few sammies and something to drink. Riding to the nearest trout lake, there I would hide my bike in the forest scrubs and sneak into the pay lake area. Crossing a stream by a knocked over tree, as I didn’t have money to pay for the fishing. Being around 7-8 years old, no one really paid any attention to me anyway. Everyone would think I was with my parents there, but the fact being I can’t really recall my dad ever taking me fishing just him and me. After some time the owner started to notice I was there a lot, but never gave me any trouble about it. Told me to pay when I could and when I could not it was okay too, but it would be better if I parked my bike in the parking area and walked on the trails to the pond, instead of hiding in the bushes and risking falling in the cold stream, crossing it all by myself in the forest with no one to help me if I had fallen in.