Monday, March 4, 2013

Carp fever

The Carp fever is making me itching all over!

Today I sorted out my tackle box with Rigs, Safety clips, Hooks and all those small bits and pieces to see what I need for the new season. Boxed up two reels and extra spools, moved my rods out of the old hold-all and into my new 5 rod quiver with sleeves. Separated two sleeves and packed the quiver with the rest of the rods away again.

I'm slowly getting ready to go to Ebro River in Spain, only bringing two rods and the minimum things needed. Leaving Saturday evening after a shop event and a meeting with hopefully another sponsor, leaving with a truck loaded with a little tackle and more than a ton of bait. We (my sponsor) have a bait delivery in Spain, so no I'm not gonna  be feeding with a ton of bait on this trip.

Looking forward to see the Ebro river, catch some big fat Carps and get started on the 2013 Carp season! And I promise I will return, with a ton of pictures, video footage and interesting stories!

Cheers - Pali 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Season

Finally I got launched the new season of The Boilie Effect!

To start this 2nd season I decided to make a video about boilie production, so I visited Northern Baits in Norway and in their Baitcave I made A LOT of boiles.

For those who don't know what boilies is, it's a boiled doe ball used for Carp and Catfish bait. I make them from a mix of many different ingredients, the main ingredients are LT-94 Fishmeal (made from whole fish)and Krill meal along with Eggs, undiluted krill protein and spices.

I hope you all will enjoy this 1st. episode "A shit load of boilies" and the rest of the new season, I've put in a lot of effort in planing this season.

In the 2nd. episode I will visit the Ebro river in Spain, home of Monster Catfish and Giant Carps.

Cheers - Pali