Sunday, May 20, 2012

Testing lures from Paradox Customs

A nice May morning

I found a few hours in my weekend to get out fishing ;) only had time for a 2 hour session, so I went out early Saturday morning 7 am and arrived at the lake and started fishing 30 minutes later.
I started with casting out my passive rod with a good old fashion worm on it, getting the 2nd rod ready. Picked a yellow River bug jig from Paradox Customs and a Milo bombarda float, but befor I had my 2nd rod ready I hooked a trout on the worm, only minutes after I cast it out. It was just a tiny small trout so it was not much fun at all, no fight and not really anything worth keeping.

It took me a good 1½ hour before I had any action on the jig, but once I figured out how to work it thru the water and at what depth I started to get strikes.

I got two nice trouts on land in the last 30 min of my fishing session and lost a 3rd, guess I didn’t get the hook set right. All in all it was a great morning, started out with a bit of rain but it cleared up a little later.


 I also got a bit of footage on the camcorder,
hope you will enjoy. 

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