Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Season

Finally I got launched the new season of The Boilie Effect!

To start this 2nd season I decided to make a video about boilie production, so I visited Northern Baits in Norway and in their Baitcave I made A LOT of boiles.

For those who don't know what boilies is, it's a boiled doe ball used for Carp and Catfish bait. I make them from a mix of many different ingredients, the main ingredients are LT-94 Fishmeal (made from whole fish)and Krill meal along with Eggs, undiluted krill protein and spices.

I hope you all will enjoy this 1st. episode "A shit load of boilies" and the rest of the new season, I've put in a lot of effort in planing this season.

In the 2nd. episode I will visit the Ebro river in Spain, home of Monster Catfish and Giant Carps.

Cheers - Pali

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