Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome back

Okay well .... welcome back, I haven't been very active writing here at my blog lately. Work, life and many exciting things have come in the way, taken up my time. And well thats life for you right there, but it's great!

In December 2012 I went to Parco del Brenta in Italy fishing for a week, unfortunately the weather wasn't with us and we came down there just as the cold sat in. It really effected the fishing, where I had hoped to land a bunch of great fish I only got 3 fish in 6 days fishing. Non the less I got a nice Italian PB for Common carp at 16,4 kg (36.15 lbs) and another PB for Channel Catfish at 8 kg (17.63 lbs) all on Northern Baits Krillers

So I went to Norway for a month in January to Febuary 2013, did a little work and some fishing. Okay I did a lot of work, and a little fishing. I'll have a Video up from my trip soon, still waiting for some Underwater footage and a few other things before I can finalize the editing and get the Video up. I also shot a episode of "The Boilie Effect" during a visit to my Sponsors Northern Baits, they where nice enough to let me use their baitcave and I where able to make a "S**t load" of boilies for the upcoming season. So there will be no shortage of high quality bait this year either!

Then I spend a week in the sun at Puerto Rico (Grand Canaria) where I had hoped to go Carp fishing, but apparently the Guide company "Carp Grand Canaria" where very busy as they never replied to my E-mail. Non the less I had a great time, fishing or no fishing but it would have been great to catch a carp on Grand Canaria.

Upcoming I will go to Spain once again in a few weeks, this time to visit the mighty Ebro river - home of Monster Catfish and Giant Carps for 10 days. The trip is planned with Gary Sheridan from We are focusing on Carp fishing, but as far as I know he also guides Catfish trips if thats your poison. Tho I would not mind hooking into one of those huge monsters, I'm afraid my line wouldn't be up for the job of landing a Monster Catfish.

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for the upcoming Season of "The Boilie Effect"

Cheers - Pali


  1. very nice fish m8 well done :) i love the carp what a beauty!

    1. Thank you William, agreed it's a really nice fish and my PB not only for Italy but in all the biggest Carp I have landed yet. But let's see im going to Ebro river for 10 days mind march, hoping I will land something above 20 Kg. Stay tuned for Updates!