Sunday, April 14, 2013


Bombarda fishing for Trout

Hello there fellow anglers
I thought I would post a post on Trout fishing, both a popular eating and game fish around the world.
In this post and the videos I have made, I will explain how to fish for trout in a pretty simple and highly effective way, with a regular spinning rod and reel. My 15 yearol daughter landed a 10 pound trout on this kinda rig in past seasons.

For this you will need:

A Bombard float.
2-3 split shots.
Fluorocarbon line. (4 -7 lbs is fine)
Small Single hook.
Spinning rod and reel. 

I’m not going to go much into detail on hook size, as there are so freaking many different ways to set the size. Japanese, American and English all seem to have different size classes to the same hooks. So a Size 6 in England is a different size in Japan and the US. But I figure a small hook is a small hook no matter where you are from.

The hook size I use in the video is the absolute biggest hooks I would use for freshwater trout’s, can’t say it enough small quality hooks for trout is the best option.

Now I could go into details for hours and write a book on this Trout fishing topic, but that’s already been done many times. So if you don’t know a whole lot about fish movement and placement in the water according to weather changes, I can highly recommend a trip to the library or bookstore to find a book about it. Google also knows, but sometimes you find stuff in books that people haven’t posted online.

Smaller and shallow ponds are easier to read then others, mainly because there is minimal current in the water and it’s the weather that have the biggest effect on the water.  Big ponds and lakes, the current is much more generated by temperature differences, in the water due to depth changes but wind also have some to say. So the wind can be in one direction, but the underwater current can be a different direction. The current effects the natural placement of the trout’s hunting ground, they are going to hunt where the current naturally would carry the prey animals. So fishing this area always gives more strikes, it’s only a question about reading the water and get your bait out and present it right. The Air pressure also have a great impact on the feeding and activity, low pressure is not that good, between 1010 and 1025 hPa is ideal if you want to get technical.

Bombard floats:                                        
You can get different types and sizes, floating, intermedia and sinking, between 10 and 30 grams, with 5 g. interval. Thread your reel line thru the Bombarda float, tie a small swivel or quick-change swivel in the end of the line and your Bombarda is now mounted. Some place a small plastic beet between the float and the swivel, I haven’t experienced any difference so now I just leave the beet out.

I mainly use intermedia and floating, but are you fishing deep waters a sinking bombarda is the key to get to the bottom region. Are you fishing in small shallow ponds and streams, the floating is my favorite and the intermedia is great for the in between or if it’s weedy. The split shots pull your rig to the bottom and the distance from the last sinker to the Power bait, determines the depth of the lure.(well powerbait floats, so the distance above the bottom) I normally start with a shot placed about 20 cm from the hook, then another 1-2 split shots with 5 inches in between. Work it thru the water a few times, if you have no strikes after 5 min you should change your depth. Spend a little time on that, maybe move spot if you’re not sure you are on the fish and the depth changes haven’t given you strikes.

Reel motion:
Cast your line out, close the reel before the float hits the water. This will make shure the rig will land further away, with less chance of tangling. Try to overshoot the area the fish are located, and let the lure sink. Now start reeling in slowly, stop cranking after maybe 10-15-20 turns and wait 5-6 seconds. Start reeling again and continue the start n stop action, the second you feel a strike open the reel and let it take the bait for a short run before you close the reel and set the hook.

It’s very simple, fluorocarbon is worth the few extra bucks. You only need to use it for your rig material, so there is no need to fill your reel spool with fluorocarbon line. A good casting line is preferred of cause, but one of the key elements to lure presentation and more strikes is fluorocarbon rigs. The reflection of light in fluorocarbon is the same as water, rendering it nearly impossible for the fish to see the line. What more can you ask for, then invisible line? Pick a rig line with a lesser break strength, then your reel line. That way you are more likely only to lose the fish and hook, keeping your Bombard float safe on your reel line.    

The Rig:
Start with a fluorocarbon line about the length of your rod, once you get a hang of it you can with benefit make the rig longer. Tie a small single hook, in one end of the line. I prefer spade hooks or at least a spade hook knot, it gives a better hooking angle, it’s a really strong knot and the power bait sticks better to the hook. In the other end we tie a figure-eight loop, now place 2-3 BB size split shots onto your rig line. Start about 20 cm. from the hook knot, and follow with about 10 cm intervals. Don’t close them too tight, you want to be able to move them up and down, without damaging the fluorocarbon. It’s easier to replace a dropped split shot, then changing rig and rehook the fish.

I prefer Power bait doe, but you can use all kind of artificial baits or live worms. Power bait gives me a wide selection in colors, it is fast to switch from one color to another if the first selection didn’t give you any strikes. My favorite colors are White, black and cheese yellow doe. 

I roll a small ball to get it firm, place it on the hook and press it back into shape of a ball covering the hook. Then I roll the ball in the palm of my hand, so I get a small tail shape rolled out in a slight angle to the hook. This will give it a great, rotating presentation that will tempt most trout’s to a fast strike.

Now you just need to tie up some rigs, get a few Bombarda floats and get out and try it. You can also use clear bubble floats, but they don’t cast anywhere near as well and often makes too big and loud a splash when it hits the water.

Now let's say you need a beer break or what ever, you can just cast out and let it sit as normal and get back to cranking the reel after you finished your beer.

Tight Lines

Monday, March 4, 2013

Carp fever

The Carp fever is making me itching all over!

Today I sorted out my tackle box with Rigs, Safety clips, Hooks and all those small bits and pieces to see what I need for the new season. Boxed up two reels and extra spools, moved my rods out of the old hold-all and into my new 5 rod quiver with sleeves. Separated two sleeves and packed the quiver with the rest of the rods away again.

I'm slowly getting ready to go to Ebro River in Spain, only bringing two rods and the minimum things needed. Leaving Saturday evening after a shop event and a meeting with hopefully another sponsor, leaving with a truck loaded with a little tackle and more than a ton of bait. We (my sponsor) have a bait delivery in Spain, so no I'm not gonna  be feeding with a ton of bait on this trip.

Looking forward to see the Ebro river, catch some big fat Carps and get started on the 2013 Carp season! And I promise I will return, with a ton of pictures, video footage and interesting stories!

Cheers - Pali 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Season

Finally I got launched the new season of The Boilie Effect!

To start this 2nd season I decided to make a video about boilie production, so I visited Northern Baits in Norway and in their Baitcave I made A LOT of boiles.

For those who don't know what boilies is, it's a boiled doe ball used for Carp and Catfish bait. I make them from a mix of many different ingredients, the main ingredients are LT-94 Fishmeal (made from whole fish)and Krill meal along with Eggs, undiluted krill protein and spices.

I hope you all will enjoy this 1st. episode "A shit load of boilies" and the rest of the new season, I've put in a lot of effort in planing this season.

In the 2nd. episode I will visit the Ebro river in Spain, home of Monster Catfish and Giant Carps.

Cheers - Pali

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Be aware, it's out there!!!!!

Im infected bad, so is most of my readers!!!!!

So hurry up, turn of your computer or at least find another blog!!!!!

I might infect you with.......

Cheers - Pali

Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome back

Okay well .... welcome back, I haven't been very active writing here at my blog lately. Work, life and many exciting things have come in the way, taken up my time. And well thats life for you right there, but it's great!

In December 2012 I went to Parco del Brenta in Italy fishing for a week, unfortunately the weather wasn't with us and we came down there just as the cold sat in. It really effected the fishing, where I had hoped to land a bunch of great fish I only got 3 fish in 6 days fishing. Non the less I got a nice Italian PB for Common carp at 16,4 kg (36.15 lbs) and another PB for Channel Catfish at 8 kg (17.63 lbs) all on Northern Baits Krillers

So I went to Norway for a month in January to Febuary 2013, did a little work and some fishing. Okay I did a lot of work, and a little fishing. I'll have a Video up from my trip soon, still waiting for some Underwater footage and a few other things before I can finalize the editing and get the Video up. I also shot a episode of "The Boilie Effect" during a visit to my Sponsors Northern Baits, they where nice enough to let me use their baitcave and I where able to make a "S**t load" of boilies for the upcoming season. So there will be no shortage of high quality bait this year either!

Then I spend a week in the sun at Puerto Rico (Grand Canaria) where I had hoped to go Carp fishing, but apparently the Guide company "Carp Grand Canaria" where very busy as they never replied to my E-mail. Non the less I had a great time, fishing or no fishing but it would have been great to catch a carp on Grand Canaria.

Upcoming I will go to Spain once again in a few weeks, this time to visit the mighty Ebro river - home of Monster Catfish and Giant Carps for 10 days. The trip is planned with Gary Sheridan from We are focusing on Carp fishing, but as far as I know he also guides Catfish trips if thats your poison. Tho I would not mind hooking into one of those huge monsters, I'm afraid my line wouldn't be up for the job of landing a Monster Catfish.

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for the upcoming Season of "The Boilie Effect"

Cheers - Pali

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fish Diary

An anglers Journal

Why do many anglers keep a journal or diary?  Let me give you a clue about why I keep a logbook from my fishing adventures and no it’s not to keep stats on my bragging rights. That’s what my Digital Camera and Camcorder is for. 

Most serious and old school anglers have a notebook or journal in one shape or another, where they keep a diary of their catches. More and more probably use apps for this, but I’m old school and yet have to be converted into this. Maybe if I made my own I would be able to get used to this, but I yet have to find one with all the stats I want in my diary in one app. Also I don’t like the risk of losing my diary if I should lose my phone; have to deal with transferring it to a new phone if I were to change it. Maybe coz I’m a bit too old school and I still see my cell phone as a tool to call people, sure texting can be handy as long it’s not conversations people try to keep with me. Maybe coz I suck at texting, takes me forever to type in a message and specially on those new touch screens. It’s very handy that it got a clock and alarm, I have to give it that but the million other features my phone have, I totally ignore and don’t even bother to try and learn – Ignorance is bliss!?

Anyway back on track, writing an old fashion diary got its benefits if I have to say it and I have to. At least it’s my blog so if I’m not gonna say it who else?  I can easy backtrack in my notes, writing everything down also stores it better in my mental memory bank. So often I don’t have to look in my diary, even though I end up doing it anyway just to be sure that I did remember correct. I’m the kind of guy who like to be right, I’m not opinionated or anything like that. I try to stick to facts.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Testing lures from Paradox Customs

A nice May morning

I found a few hours in my weekend to get out fishing ;) only had time for a 2 hour session, so I went out early Saturday morning 7 am and arrived at the lake and started fishing 30 minutes later.
I started with casting out my passive rod with a good old fashion worm on it, getting the 2nd rod ready. Picked a yellow River bug jig from Paradox Customs and a Milo bombarda float, but befor I had my 2nd rod ready I hooked a trout on the worm, only minutes after I cast it out. It was just a tiny small trout so it was not much fun at all, no fight and not really anything worth keeping.

It took me a good 1½ hour before I had any action on the jig, but once I figured out how to work it thru the water and at what depth I started to get strikes.

I got two nice trouts on land in the last 30 min of my fishing session and lost a 3rd, guess I didn’t get the hook set right. All in all it was a great morning, started out with a bit of rain but it cleared up a little later.


 I also got a bit of footage on the camcorder,
hope you will enjoy.